Marfa Lights

These strange nighttime orbs of light that appear all along the area of the Chinati Mountains are most commonly referred to as the “Marfa Lights.”

marfamapAlthough the official Marfa Lights Viewing area is located on Highway 90, just east of Marfa, the lights themselves actually appear along Highway 67 about halfway between Presidio and Marfa, amidst the Chinati Mountains, as shown in the map on the left.

Presidio residents report that these strange Ghost Lights can also be seen from the opposite side (west).

Here’s a video by Noe Torres about the Marfa Lights:

For more information on the Marfa Lights, check out this link. Below is a map showing official viewing station, located just east of Marfa.

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Below is a video of laser experiments conducted on the Marfa Lights in November 2011 by the Laredo Paranormal Research Society and also footage of similar mystery orbs that appear in the Laredo, Texas, area.

Here’s a book by a retired aerospace engineer who spent years studying the Marfa Lights using scientific methodology. The book has been called one of the best about the Lights: