How to Get Here

You know the expression “get away from it all?” Presidio is like that. As you leave the worries and stress of city life, you enter one of the state’s most rugged, desolate, and beautiful areas. Someone once said, “If it were easy to get here, everyone would be here.”

The mountainous terrain in this part of Texas more closely resembles New Mexico than it does the rest of the Lone Star state. A deep sense of history pervades, as human artifacts have been found in Presidio that date back to 1,500 B.C. Numerous remains of dinosaurs have also been unearthed, including Tyrannosaurus and Stegocerus.

The closest major airports to Presidio are the El Paso International Airport (250 miles away) and the Midland International Airport (249 miles away). Of the two airports, El Paso is larger, easier to navigate, and has more connections. Also, the driving route from El Paso to Presidio is probably slightly simpler and quicker. Still, from either airport, it’s about a four-hour drive to Presidio.

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An option for passengers arriving in private aircraft is the Presidio Lely International Airport (KPRS). In a recent review, one pilot wrote, ” I have been flying into Presidio Airport for 7 years now. It is a fantastic place to visit and breathe the wonderful fresh air! I am not aware of anywhere else in the State with such consistent terrific flying weather! Now, with all of the amazing improvements to this airport it is a MUST visit! Runway is in perfect shape, AWOS is up and running and can be received at least 30nm out. Courtesy car is available, free Wi-Fi, an available hangar, nice tie-downs, a clean porta-potty, the coolest artwork on a trashcan I’ve ever seen; and absolutely the LOWEST PRICE fuel within 200 miles!” Services available: Airport management, Aviation fuel, Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown), Hangars, Rental cars, Courtesy cars (free for pilots to use in the local area), Public telephone, Internet access, Restrooms.

For more information about the Presidio Lely International Airport, call 432-235-0547 or visit

KPRSThe closest Amtrak stop is in Alpine, Texas, which is 86 miles away. Some folks ride the train to Alpine and rent a car or take a bus for the short drive to Presidio. A daily bus service from Alpine to Presidio is operated by “All Aboard America!” A bus departs Alpine at 1:05 p.m. and another one at 10:05 p.m. daily (365 days a year), arriving in Presidio about two hours later. Buses also take passengers from Presidio back to Alpine for their return trip.


Presidio is also served by the Greyhound Bus Lines.