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Presidio Fine Arts Festival and Cabrito Cook-OffArts Festival BannerPresidio, Texas Welcomes You to the Arts of the Big Bend of Texas!

The Presidio Arts Festival 2015 is inviting local artists, student artists, professional and amateur alike, dance groups, musicians, performers and cultural organizations to participate in the 9th annual Presidio Arts Festival. This event will be an annual celebration that will be held this year on March 24, 26, 27, 28, 2015.

Our “Artwalk”… to Ojinaga, on Thursday, March 26th is in its 2nd year, where the two countries meet at the Border on the Bridge for ceremonies celebrating the Arts and Cultures on the border. This event is the brainstorm of our own Mayor, John Ferguson. It will give our sister city a chance to shine and participate in our Bi National Arts Festival! You will be able to walk across and enjoy all of the activities!

Art Walk to Ojinaga 2015

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Watch our YouTube video below from our 2014 Artfest:

Our Featured Artists will have a show at the First Presidio Bank, on Friday, March 27th starting a 6 pm. Stop by and visit with friends and artists. There will be music, food and wine. This will be a DO NOT MISS event!

THEN… on Saturday…. get ready…and Head to Daly Park ( behind Harper Hardware on O’Rielly Street.)

The stage will be filled from noon till the wee hours of the morning! The Cabrito Cookoff will be held, with the turn in time at 4pm and free entry fee per team. There will be dance teams, bands, theater groups, performers of all kinds that will fill the stage starting at noon!

Saturday night, the band, ” Maximo Norte” will play a free dance! If you have never heard them… WOW… get your dancing boots ready! They will blow you away!538078_417360391640759_904363214_n

All artists and craft vendors will be set up all day and night, selling their
crafts! ** Remember** There is NO FEE to set up and sell arts and crafts!! **
ALL Food vendors will pay a Nothing fee to sell. **Just get your State Health Department Certificate on Line

If you have ANY questions or want to sign up to perform, sell art or food, please Brad Newton 432 229 3517 X 106.




Salute to Laurie

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Special Thanks to Laurie Holman for Starting the Arts Festival to the Annual Event it has grown into every year.

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