How many in-person meetings will need to be conducted in Presidio and/or Ojinaga?

The amount of meetings that will have to be conducted in person here in either Presidio or Ojinaga will be determined accordingly.

For the meetings, what is the anticipated personnel and duration expected?

For each there will only be one person required at the least and the expected duration will be one day as needed.

Is there a date for the final report?

Following the schedule that is given in Section 4 there is an approximate date of October 1, 2019, this date of course is set tentatively.

Is the FEED study +/- 30%, +/- 10%, or other?

As for the study recommendations the City of Presidio will leave that to each team to figure out the proper ratio to be used in Presidio in each study group.

Does the proposal have to be in English?

The proposal that will be submitted should be in English and it is also preferred that the feasibility study be turned in English as well.

Will the gas and power demand forecast be limited to the City of Presidio, or does it include Ojinaga as well?

The gas and power demand will primarily be forecasted for Presidio and a separate projected secondary forecast of Ojinaga should be included.

Can the City of Presidio provide historical gas and power demand by customer class?

The City of Presidio unfortunately doesn’t have that information the city does not have a breakdown of power needs however we believe our total under heavy load is 5-6 MW’s. We only have one gas customer Biad Chile consumed 40,000 MM-Btu’s.

Will the preliminary design of the pipeline and definition of pipeline parameters be performed for all the alternative routes or only for the best solution as required?

Best engineering solution based on the data available.

What’s the difference between the preliminary design performed during the conceptual phase and reported in the preliminary design report and the one reported in the final report?

The first one is a draft and the second will be the final product based on inevitable changes.

What will need to be presented?

Please present your most efficient ideas, concepts and design for this project.

Who are potential electricity and natural gas purchasers?

The Oasis Farming Community: They need alternative power outside of diesel to cut costs, so irrigation pumps would need to be replaced by energy efficient pumps to use electric and/or natural gas. They also have expressed interest to you to lease cold storage in Presidio.

The Brewery in Milky, Chihuahua: This company can benefit from cold storage in Presidio with a freight option to move their product to their American customers.

Heineken: This company has also expressed an interest in leasing warehouse space in Presidio. They also do distribute the majority of the brands of Mexican Beer.

Cold Storage: This customer could potentially consume large volumes of electricity and/or natural gas.

The City of Presidio: The city would like to provide natural gas to commercial and some residential units throughout Presidio.

If you have any questions, comments, and suggestions, feel free to contact: Brad Newton