Places to See

Important, Unusual, and Historical Features of the Presidio area:

    • Ghost Town of Shafter – 20 miles north of Presidio on Highway 67 is scenic little “ghost town,” where the opening scenes of the classic science fiction movie The Andromeda Strain were filmed. Also the site of the state’s only active silver mine.
    • Big Bend Ranch State Park – Featuring almost 300,000 acres with hiking trails, small recreation areas, primitive camping and river access points. The dark skies here allow amateur astronomers to see millions of stars otherwise obscured by light pollution. Big Bend Ranch also has the second and third tallest waterfalls in Texas.

  • Chinati Mountains – Rugged desert mountains ranging from 4,605 feet in elevation up to 7,728. The mountains form the backdrop for the mysterious “Marfa Lights,” which have been seen in the area since the 1800s.
  • Chinati Hot Springs – At a constant 110 degrees, these mineral-rich waters have been regarded for their healing qualities for well over one hundred years. Fees are charged for baths, cabins, and camping.
  • Zone of Silence – Across the Rio Grande from Presidio is the northern extension of Mexico’s mysterious “Zona del Silencio,” also known as “Mexico’s Bermuda Triangle.” Known for a high incidence of paranormal events, the zone is said to disrupt radio communications, send compasses spinning wildly, and cause batteries to spontaneously discharge.
  • Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico. Across the International Bridge, Ojinaga welcomes visitors with a variety of excellent restaurants and shops. Ojinaga is a safe place to visit with a casual atmosphere. The locals are friendly and helpful. The Ojinaga Cultural Museum is a must see on the main road (Libra Comercio) just 4/10ths of a mile from the International Bridge.
  • Angell Excursions. Get up close and personal with the strange, wild nature places around Presidio and Marfa. Experience the off-road areas of the Big Bend from the comfort of a vehicle, 1/2 day and full day jeep tours (Fee). Call: 432-229-3713 or 305-336-2787 . Email:
  • Peguis Canyon & Overlook. Just 25 miles past Presidio/Ojinaga, on the old road to Chihuahua, is one of the most dramatic views in the Big Bend Region, with walls carved to a depth of two thousand feet. Some people say it compares favorably to the Grand Canyon, although smaller in length. The Rio Conchos that runs deep through Peguis Canyon is also popular for float trips. Coincidentally, the reported crash of a UFO in 1974 happened near Peguis Canyon (see video below).